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Our services range from consulting to the actual implementation and maintenance of blockchain and cloud solutions.


In consulting, we support you and your company from the start beginning with the requirements analysis all the way to strategic planning and its alignment. We would like to emphasize several focal points: 

Use Case Analysis with which requirements can be better identified and presented with the help of our workshops tailored specifically for the industry.

With strategic alignment, a long-term monetization plan for your company's use of blockchain or cloud is developed.



Technology-based consulting supports your understanding of blockchain-related topics such as cryptocurrency, use of NFT, creation of DEFI apps, or process-mapping solutions.



With the unique history of our company in implementing blockchain solutions, we can offer diverse services to our clients.

Development of permissioned-based Blockchain solutions through Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or Corda to create value in an existing ecosystem. Here we are talking about a private blockchain.

Become a publisher of your own cryptocurrency, use an existing one or let us realize tools or DApps for your use cases.

With Non-fungible Token (NFT) development, we can design unique tokens for you to spend on unique goods in your ecosystem.

The development of DApps especially includes the popular Decentralized Finance (DEFI) platforms with which you can offer modern financial instruments in combination with cryptocurrencies in the financial sector.

Cloud Deployment

In addition to the development of blockchain solutions, it is of course equally important to migrate existing IT landscapes to the cloud in order to achieve the best possible scalability. For this purpose, we offer the following: 


Deployment on-premise of existing solutions and/or solutions developed by us to the cloud of market-leading providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS or IBM Cloud. In doing so, we are fully at your disposal from planning to maintenance. 


We can also deploy the same services off-premise using Kubernetes as an orchestration tool or other market-standard software. 

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Chat GPT Beratung

Optimize your customer communication and business processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence and our tailor-made ChatGPT consulting services.

In close collaboration, we offer individual strategy development, analyzing your business requirements and developing a ChatGPT strategy tailored to your goals.

Our experts teach you proven methods for implementing and using ChatGPT in best-practice workshops, strengthening your internal competencies.

We offer training and continuous support in the area of training and support to help you fully leverage the potential of ChatGPT in your company.

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